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All-in-one fulfilment centre

We have your fulfilment covered from start to finish

Cost Containment/Improvement Strategies

Costing is based on agreed processes.

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Best Practice

G&S Logistics will continue to improve systems and initiatives to ensure they are in line with Industry Best practices and apply them to managing the Customer’ Warehousing.

Process Reviews

G & S Logistics is committed to periodic process reviews to ensure our processes are aligned with changing retail circumstances.


Minimise your expenses, store with us

Rather than investing in a warehouse for storage, staff for fulfilment, softwares and warehouse management systems, minimise your expenses and invest in a G&S Logistics

Deadline Management

G&S Logistics has consistently managed deadlines and time sensitive requirements and adhered to all required KPIs.

Mode and Load Optimisation

Current Management and Knowledge of Transport and Warehousing services facilitates our ability to provide savings and reports monthly.

System Support

IT system support is backed up by experienced IT professionals.


Maintaining optimal inventory levels

Our Inventory management systems deal with the challenge of pressured operational environments


We have implemented systems and softwares to keep track of all individual SKU's for our clients.

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Quantity tracking

We have automatic quantity tracking to ensure the quantity levels on your website, and our systems are always matching.

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KPI management

A set of key performance indicators to be outlined and reviewed monthly with warehouse management system reporting being available to the customer.