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Automatic fulfilment, IT support, storage and distribution

The Integration service module at G & S Logistics brings the outsourced 3rd party interface between any company’s ERP, accounting system, CRM, Point of Sale, and our WMS System in-house.

As part of the implementation Paperless Warehousing will ensure a robust, a real-time and secure Interface is provided to the ERP/Host systems. The interface can be as simple as a CSV file transported via a FTP command, or a XML file transported via Web Services or any other variable of interface.  This is totally up to the preference and discretion of the customer as we have the internal tool sets to cater to the customer’s needs.  If required we can stage the interface integration into 1, 2 or 3 phases allowing for fewer resources and less impact on the business.

We also have existing interfaces with Interactive Freight Services (IFS Smart Freight), and other transport related systems.   Furthermore, labelling of Dispatch Pallets with specific Transport or Carrier labels is also part of our package.  These include formats like Australia Post, Star Track, Allied Express, DHL, Toll, Cope, TNT, and more.


Some of the Benefits of our WMS

  1. Total visibility of all products and their physical location on the system
  2. Capability of having more than one product per location if required
  3. True stock rotation based on product rotation requirements
  4. Greater picking efficiencies through zonal picking
  5. 99.9% Order accuracy
  6. 100% Inventory accuracy
  7. Stock take totally on RF, reducing counting time dramatically
  8. Increased Productivity
  9. Numerous KPI, Productivity, Throughput and Management reports
  10. Dispatch Documentation (Labels, Packing Slips, manifests, delivery dockets)
  11. Special Customer Requirements (Ti-Hi, Date or Labelling)
  12. Load Planning (weight and cube) for optimization of transport
  13. Pallet Count and Pallet Type tracking
  14. Workload Monitor to oversee and control all tasks
  15. Eliminate post-picking checking function
  16. Unique “License Plate” tracking via GS1 compliant barcoding throughout the warehouse from receiving to dispatch. Products do not have to be in a unique position to be identified
  17. Quality Assurance – After receiving goods, they can be put on QA Hold. After inspection the goods are then released for manufacturing or distribution.

Some of the names that trust us with their fulfillment needs

Frequently Asked Questions

Some answers to the most common questions we get asked.

Our pricing structure caters to both large and small businesses. It is unique for all clients depending on the volume of orders, individual SKU's and quantity in storage.

We offer custom/tailored packing and can meet your requests. Including custom cards or flyers, tapes, boxes, satchels, and more.

We don't have a minimum requirement. If you're just getting started or are already involved in supply chain management, we can be your perfect logistics solution.

Currently we do not offer global fulfilment to focus on the best courier solutions for within Australia.